His Current Role

Personal Accomplishments

  • Year 2015, – he received a doctorate at the Global University for Lifelong Learning, and he majors in ‘Motivation & Personal Development’.
  • Year 2014 – he was presented with the Oriental Daily Professional MLM Speaker Award 2014
  • Year 2009 – he was the receiver for the World Chinese https://writemyessayrapid.com/ narrative college essays MLM Forum – 10 Most Outstanding MLM Speakers In Asia Pacific 2009.

No matter how far you travel or how big your achievements are, love and a pleasant home will always be your final goal. Love makes the world a better place. Coach Desmond Pang’s mission is to build an MLM environment which is full of riches and love. He is a full time trainer, vowed to give his students the amount of energy and love they need. He will continue to help even more people and companies to achieve success, and also to help groups and many more youngsters to obtain a happy life regardless of how many challenges exist in front of them.

Besides being a capable charismatic speaker, Coach Desmond Pang is an inner-potential trainer which is great in raising the competitiveness of company staff through his professional training. Once a group attends his potential training, the sales of that group will definitely soar. Therefore, Coach Desmond Pang is one of the most respected Success Theories Educator and Group Sales Managing Strategist in the field of MLM. His potential training workshops have given huge contribution to the world. It is the only training course which must be attended by everyone. It is a portal which can lead a person towards a harmonious and a happy life.

He believes our effort will be sufficient enough to make this world a better place. He also hopes that the training courses offered by PSC will help many more companies, network groups and youngsters to build an MLM platform which is full of riches and love. Combining the essence of the American success model, Military training and Subconscious motivational techniques, the carefully designed PSC1, PSC2, PSC3 and PSC4 curriculum will guide participants experience the sadness and happiness of a lifetime in 2 days. This is executed to allow our participants to deal with issues related to everyday life, to understand the reason for everyone existence, as well as to allow the participants to openly think about how to achieve success in 5 aspects, which is in life, family, career, emotion and self-improvement. Besides that, participants will also transfer their positive energy via Success Theories Training, power leveraging and to build a Dream Team to realize the dreams of everyone in your group.

Even though he has no idea how big is his influence towards his target audience; even though he cannot confirm whether our future is bright or not; even though he cannot change the world now, he is confident about it because of the beautiful things happening around us. Hence, in all his life, he works extremely hard to gather all the positive things in life he can find, because he believes once he shown a specific principle, an action, a signal and our determination to that person, that person will set on a course which will change his life forever. When a person started to change, he will definitely transfer his positive energy to help those around him, thus help the person to realize his dreams and build a better world together!

Coach Desmond Pang Yee Seong | Success Theories Educator, MLM Performance Strategist

He received a doctorate at the Global University for Lifelong Learning, and he majors in ‘Motivation & Personal Development’.

he established PSC Training & Consultancy in order to lend a hand to any companies who need it. His Company main mission is to build an MLM platform which is full of riches and love. His categorized his training courses as ‘MLM Training And Strategy Advice’, ‘Company Network Groups’ and ‘Youth Groups’ for his customers.

he focused all his effort in the establishment of PSC Training & Research Services. He organized his training courses for the past 20 years. Now, he has succeeded in organizing more than 5000 Training & Research Services, with total hours goes beyond 40 thousand hours, as well as given inspiration to millions of people around Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

he wished to help even more companies and MLM groups to build an MLM platform which is full of riches and love through his training.

he determined to become a speaker.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Desmond Pang armed with more than 20 years of experience in the MLM industry. He is currently one of the most popular speakers in the world. For the past 20 years, this incredible speaker continues to put in effort to realize his dream of building an MLM platform which is full of riches and love, he hopes to give a purpose to youth who has no life goals; to help those who lost their meaning of life to be able to dream again; to help those who are afraid, who felt inferior, and lack of confidence when facing challenges to be able to feel hopeful again; to help married couples who quarrel a lot to care for each other again; to help those married couples who ignore their relationship to start cherish their marriage again; to encourage children to begin to respect their parents; to help parents who over control their children to begin to listen to their children more, so that this world will become more beautiful than before!

Due to the excellent quality of training shown in ‘Success Theories Training’ and ‘MLM Performance Strategist’, he has since became the popular choice among the local and international companies, and he is often been invited to be the strategy adviser and head trainer in many other corporate companies. Using his role as the MLM Success Theories Educator and MLM Performance Strategist, he hopes to call upon many people to defend the survival of this MLM career so that it will not be an irrelevant field for every one; so that those MLM entrepreneurs will be able to touch the heart of their customers with human-oriented services; so that we can help even more people to obtain a more healthy, beautiful, confident and happy life. He also hopes to build an MLM platform with those initial passion and dream together with you. He believes, as long as we are still burning bright with strong determination, we will definitely be able to build an MLM environment with immense attraction power, so that a positive MLM culture can be formed; so that it can benefit those who did not know about MLM previously.