MLM TRAINER – Only Available In Chinese Version

  • MLM Trainer, a new and innovative phone application which provides learning services. It will surely become the hottest MLM training phone application in the future! Now, you can learn the secret to becoming an elite MLM entrepreneur anytime, anywhere.

MLM Trainer phone application can be divided into 6 chapters, which include the ‘Training System’ chapter, ‘Special Trainer Column’ chapter, ‘MLM Trainer’ chapter, ‘What Is MLM’ chapter, ‘Short Story’ chapter and ‘Publications’ chapter.

  • MLM Training System, Elite Training Class from the ‘Training System’ chapter, and ‘MLM Express, The Road To Realizing Dream’ and ‘Rapid Network Expansion Secrets – Foster Group Who Likes Learning’ from ‘Special Trainer Column’ chapter are some of the recommended chapters. In these training, you will undergo one to one training with Coach Desmond Pang through your smart phone, besides that, you will also receive those training content in soft copy so that you can do revision at home.
  • The purpose of ‘MLM Training’ is to study the main speaker of this MLM training application – The journey of Desmond Pang, the man who is a Success Theories Educator and the MLM Performance Strategist. For the past 20 years, he has succeeded in organizing more than 5000 Training & Research Services, with total hours goes beyond 40 thousand hours, as well as inspired millions of people around Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. He believes in the idea of ‘build a better world together’ and his training courses to lead more companies and groups to build an MLM platform full of riches and love.
  • ‘What is MLM’ tells the story of how his growth has made this business model so popular. Since its inception, MLM has now became an interesting field to build on. In fact, many people and companies gained huge profit from it! However, a good mentality and attitude, as well as being hardworking are some of the factors which are essential to achieve success in one’s MLM career. ‘Short Story’ teaches you three very important elements. Lastly, the ‘Publications’ chapter teaches you the ways to transform a crisis into an opportunity so that you can use it to build a strong MLM career. The 32 Best MLM Tactics which is written in the book ‘32 Best MLM Tactics – Best Tactic to Achieve Best Sales’ will allow you to shorten the trial and error period so that you can easily duplicate a success model, hence allow you to build a big and strong network group. Besides that, the bestseller book ‘Quick MLM Tips’ allow readers to revise on all the information involving the basic knowledge, group expansion and building, correcting a group’s mentality as well as how to become a great leader.


1. 如何安装直销教练手机程序?

1. 进入Google Play Store或Apple App Store 寻找 “直销教练” 或 “Desmondpsc” 进行下载
2. 进入网站 点击 “下载直销手机程序”
3. 关注PSC成功哲学培训(psctrainingdesmond)微信公众号,选择4以获得安装包链接

2. 任何扫描器都可以吗?

除了“微信”扫描器, 任何扫描器开通至网站再按谷歌安卓系统就可以连接play store 下载 (因为中国手机用户无法支持谷歌安卓系统)

3. 如何使用“微信”扫描器 ?

打开 “微信”扫描器 —》扫描 二维码 -》网站 -》点击右上角

1.苹果手机用户选择“在safari中打开” -》网站 -》选择苹果系统(Apps Store)按键
2.安卓手机用户选择 “在游览器中打开“-》网站 -》选择谷歌安卓系统(Google Play)按键
3.中国安卓手机用户选择“在游览器中打开“-》网站 -》选择安卓系统安装包按键

4. 如何注册为直销教练用户?


5. 彭教练的书有几本?多少点数?


6. APP里培训系统之直销精英培训班(拓展篇)需要多少点数来开通?



2.安卓系统,中国与马来西亚用户可以通过网上银行服务如:支付宝,银联,Maybank2u, Cimb Click, Public Bank 等等来购买!






马币 4零吉/人民币 6.4

11. 在没有点数之下是否所有影片和档案都可以打开吗?

只有两个部分需要点数开通后才可以查看 (书籍和培训系统之精英培训班-拓展篇),其他部分都可以免费任意打开!

12. 是否全部短片和文件都必须下载?


13. 退出后是否从新下载短片和文件?


14. 短片和文件是否可以导出?


15. 直销教练程序可以安装予几部手机?或同步进行?


16. 任何详情如何联络求予帮助?

1. 请加微信 -》ZXJNPSC -》再发你的问题 -》 客服将尽快回答
2. 请将您的疑问Email 至 我们的网站 [email protected] 客服将尽快回答