• A qualified speaker in PSC Training & Research Services.
  • A trainer with vast experience in teenage speech fluency and debating.
  • Obtained diet consultant certificate from England.
  • Provides consulting services and professional level speaker training.
  • An expert in customer service and market performance management, provides individual and group training as well as company internal staff training.
  • An adviser for an international franchise and an adviser for a prominent MLM company.
  • Possesses 10 years experience in brand building and creating a company business system.
  • Train The Trainer I

Target: New prospects who wish to become a speaker or a speaker who is about to be promoted to become a qualified speaker


(1) Nurtures a line of highly-qualified and incredible speakers
(2) Improves the speakers’ idea presentation technique and communication skills
(3) Raises the confidence level and charisma of a group of speakers
(4) Improves the performance and influence of the activity hall

  • Train The Trainer II

Target: Speakers or company leaders who have experience in giving speeches or used to work as emcee


(1) Raises the charisma level and leadership of a speaker
(2) Improves the skills and confidence in communicating in group activities
(3) Boosts a group of speakers’ confidence and charisma
(4) Improves the performance and influence of the activity hall

  • Train The Trainer III: Celebrity Speaker

Target: A group speaker, the managements or appointed speakers (possess more than 10 times experience in giving speeches)


(1) Nurture an influential speaker in a group
(2) Build an activity hall with high attraction properties
(3) Improves the performance of an activity hall