《The Ultimate Insider’s Secrets To Direct Selling Success》2010 Edition

  • Uncover the truths about direct selling.
  • In this book, all your why’s, will be answered! You will have a clearer picture about the business of direct-sales.
  • Why many work very hard in direct-sales business but hardly achieve any fruitful results?
  • While some earn hundreds of thousands of dollars without working as hard?
  • Why some experience roller-coaster ride in direct selling but still managed to move their way up?
  • Why some are loyal to a direct-sales company, while others hop from one company to another?
  • Why some direct-sales companies can stay at the top for only 3 years, while others lasted much longer?
  • Why some direct-sales products are proven effective, while others caused people to lose half to their liver?
  • Why some direct-sales leaders gain trust and respect, while others are being cursed and blamed?
  • Why some are proud being involved in direct selling, while others could never accept it?

If you decide to get involved in the direct-sales business, you need to know it well. You can’t have a half-baked knowledge; and worse, not knowing at all.
If you wish to be successful in the direct-sales business, this book will provide good understanding and insights into the business, as well as, tips on how to do it effectively, saving you time, effort and money enroute to success.


Direct Selling Is The Future Trend

In fact, direct selling models are found in various industries’ basic organizational structures. People just don’t realize it; they think that only companies with multi-level marketing licenses are direct selling companies. My take is that direct selling is the future trend as more and more industries are coming out with their own direct selling structures.

The market is getting too competitive that business owners have to rely on ‘referral marketing i.e. introducer’ and ‘word-of-mouth marketing’ to expand their businesses. This is a form of direct selling. Of course, introducers are remunerated with certain reward or commission schemes; and this is the greatest and most prominent feature of direct selling.

Nowadays, these direct selling features have started to blend into the structures of some of the companies, indirectly. It is believed that the current ‘direct selling’ model will evolve and become better in the near future! Why do I say direct selling is the future trend?

Reason No. 1: In The Future, Nobody Is Willing To Work For Others!

Many people long to become freelancers; having own workplace, flexibility and not being constrained by a  9-to-5 work routine. To them, getting stuck in the traffic while going to and fro the workplace is a pain and a real waste of time. Hence, they advocate the freedom of working from home which allows them to fully utilize the working hours unobstructed.

There is also the shift of ‘employers not wanting to hire permanent employees’. They prefer to engage professionals that goes by professional or consultancy fees than to pay fix salaries to employees. Due to this reason, more employees now have the courage to leave their permanent jobs and jump onto the freelancers’ bandwagon.

Reason No.2: Enormous Economic And Inflation Pressures

Under the enormous economic and inflation pressures, our society is moving towards M-generation. With the advantage of capital and knowledge, the rich are able to make big money and multiply their wealth quickly. Whilst, the middle class lose their competitiveness and turn poorer.

Let’s assume a middle class person earns RM5,000 a month. When inflation goes up, prices of goods and services will go up and that will diminish the value of money; RM5,000 will now be insufficient to lead a decent life. Property prices are on the rise; in the near future, people will have to spend more than a million ringgit to own a house and a car. That is what I meant by the middle class becoming poorer in the future.

The middle class community will vanish, while the number of poor will increase substantially. Therefore, it is crucial to seek change to survive or face the dead end. In relation to this, direct selling is the escape route, a new part-time career for the middle class!

Reason No.3: In The Future, Nobody Wants To Become The Boss!

In future, nobody wants to be a boss anymore. The number of bosses for medium-sized companies will slowly decrease; while rentals and expenses for these organizations continue to rise. We shall see bosses from large enterprises (as these big corporations capture the whole market shares) and small enterprises (as their overheads and expenses are low) become the future survivors.

Bosses of medium-sized enterprises will have to invest a lot of money to start their own businesses. They have to be creative in competing with the rests of the world. At the same time, they have to ensure the company is sustainable in spite ofhuge expenses including salaries, utilities, logistics, etc. They have to get down to the nitty-gritty, i.e. read and approve documents, do stock-take, collect debts, etc. All these are tedious and stressful!

In future, people talk about how to enjoy life; none of them want to work for others or become the bosses. They prefer to become freelancers instead. They don’t want to be worried about managing businesses and be concerned with operational or inventory issues. They just want to give constructive feedbacks to the companies they served and receive passive incomes while enjoying life.

The 3 reasons above clearly explained why everybody wants to become a freelancer, whether they are now an employee or a boss. The most typical freelancer in the marketplace is in the direct-sales business! So, who is the most suitable candidate for direct selling?

There Are Six Groups Of People Who Are Most Suitable For Direct-Sales Business

Full-time employees – especially married couples – can survive on their monthly salaries. Currently, both husband and wife rely on own salary to survive; in the future, each of them has to take up multiple jobs to survive. Direct selling is the ideal part-time job as employees can spend their after-office hours to make extra money.

If you can earn RM500 a month, it is considered an increment from the employer. If you can earn RM1,000, you will have extra RM1,000 in the pocket. The more you do, the more you earn. Instead of complaining about your employer for not increasing your salary or passively waiting for increment, it is better to grab the opportunity to make ‘bonus’. Isn’t this more practical?

I respect housewives who sacrificed their needs for their husbands and children’s welfare. In order to save the cost of hiring maid or baby-sitter, to avoid case of children not receiving proper care from baby-sitter, and to ensure that their children receive good elementary education, they would rather assume the responsibilities for the benefits of the family.

Therefore, housewives are not able to work full-time. They have to depend solely on their husbands for family expenses. Naturally, women love to buy new clothes, shoes, handbags, visit hairstylists and beauty salons. They can’t indulge in all these activities if they were to rely on their husbands’ incomes. And they can’t leave their children to go back to full-time job, hence, direct selling is the most ideal job for housewives.

After sending children to school, housewives usually have their own free-time. After the children go off to sleep, they have some free-time again. They could leverage on these empty slots to organize a small home-party, invite friends over and introduce the company and its products.

Senior citizens are afraid of being lonely and alone, yet they do not want to rely on their children. Most importantly, senior citizens should not think of themselves as being old, useless and about to die soon. If they join direct selling, their lives will become rich and colorful because they will get to know more friends and not feel lonely anymore. They can earn their own pocket money and do not need to rely on their children for monthly allowances. By attending the company’s activities, they will be able to learn as well as help others. They can be proud and happy with their contributions and achievements, thus, become more positive, healthy and are able to lead a more meaningful life.

Why do we consider professionals as one of the most suitable groups for direct selling? These people could be lawyers, architects, doctors or high-income earners from other industries. Professional will have to continue working to generate income; the moment they stop, they lose their income. Eventhough they may have sizeable savings, unfortunate accidents or terminal illness can easily wipe out all their savings.

Like what I’ve said earlier on, bosses of medium-sized enterprises will have rough and challenging times ahead, saved for bosses of large or small enterprises. In short, it is not easy to be a boss! You will have tonnes of problems to worry about, including staffing, rental, products, marketing, and cash flow problems. With the rise in wages and rentals, all profits earned will be used up to pay the workers and leasing.

In addition, a consortium with strong financial back-up can easily monopolize the market in shortest possible time. Whereas, a medium-sized company will need 3 to 5 years to build its brand and image. Therefore, the future trend is that more and more people will shift to freelance mode of operation; at least it is less stressful than being a boss.

Nowadays, the younger generation is called the “strawberry group”; they look good from the outsides, but weak in the insides as they can’t withstand stress. Most of them have big dreams and ambitions, but are not ready to work hard to achieve their dreams. They prefer the easy way out by borrowing money from friends, family or banks.

Lacking experience, capability, as well as, inability to withstand stress, these young people tend to complain, blame and give up when they face obstacles. They usually end up being deep in debt. I dare say, 9 out of 10 young persons fail because of this.

I’d like to take this opportunity to advise all young people not to into own business upon graduating. You should take the opportunity to horn your ability, capability, communication skills, public relations, and other skill sets through the platform provided by direct selling. After that, you may decide on your own future. If you are performing great in direct selling, you can continue on. If you are not doing that great, at least, you now have accumulated adequate experiences to stand a better chance in building your own business successfully.

Direct selling is like a fenceless campus; we can learn new knowledge (that we don’t learn at school or traditional organizations) to enhance our thinking, attitude, management skills, and many more. In a nutshell, people can’t live without direct selling in the near future, and that’s the trend!