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Staff Unity Training Camp

Through simulated scenarios, participants undergo first-hand experience and learn to listen to their inner callings. Success is not just an empty talk but a search for development through experience and by identifying the source of action within one-self.

  • From Hedgehog to Koala

If a company is full of hedgehog-like characters, there will be a lot of suspicion, antagonism, muddle-along, blaming and no cohesion within the organization. The company will lack of cooperation and teamwork; everyone frequently disagrees with each other.

How to get uncooperative employees to work as a team?

A team that can’t cooperate in the long-term will have low morale and decrease in collective wisdoms; “conflicts” will rein and lead the team. This training will remove the spines of the hedgehogs and turn them into koalas.

When koalas adapt to the corporate culture and establish sense of belonging, the team will be able to integrate and will follow a common goal. They will have close collaboration with each other and will be able to develop into an excellent team in the future.

  • Team Power Could Overcome Difficulties

This is an era that emphasizes on team work. You will face greater challenges and difficulties by struggling on your own to succeed. Team is a group of people with different characteristics coming together for a common goal. They are mutually accountable, cooperative and work diligently towards the same goals. This is the core of team management.

Team power is the root strength for continuous progress of mankind. It provides the anchor to overcome great difficulties and attain outstanding feats that may otherwise be unachievable! Very often we see a marvelous team being created and established when the team members go into the business whole-heartedly, collaborate fully with each other, and master communication skills that breed harmonious relationships.